A dictionary of X-Files Terminology


Area 51

Is where it all began, near Roswell, New Mexico, the landing site of the spacecraft carrying the Aliens, the existence of which the Government is trying so hard to hide. 
Trust No One

The shows recurring motto. The first to say it was actually "Deep Throat.
The Truth is Out There
The catch phrase ending the opening scene of almost every episode, reflecting Agent Mulder s attitude towards his job and his lifes work. The Truth is indeed Out There, but Out there is a very abstract and elusive concept..
I Want to Believe
The slogan on the poster seen hanging on the wall of Mulder's office . 
Lone Gunmen, the


Froheke, Langley and Byers, the inseparable trio that had a spin-off show oh its own series (discontinued, incidentally, after one season only). They ardent conspiracy theoriests who helped Mulder, Scully and Doggett in many investigations. When not assisting in the investigation of an X-File, they publish a newsletter entitled "The Lone Gunmen". The title is inspired by the biggest conspiracy theory of them all, the assassination of President Kennedy, and is designed to express the trioss distrust of the conventional version that the assassination of President Kennedy was perpetrated by a single assassin ( a Lone Gunman).

Conspiracy, Conspiracy Theory

The definition of conspiracy according to the Webster Dictionary is:

"1. to join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act or an act which becomes unlawful as a result of the secret agreement;

2. to act in harmony toward a common end."

In Hebrew two different words can be used, one with a positive connotation and one with a negative connotation, whereas the English has only one word, with connotation which can be either positive or negative


FBI case files assigned numbers starting with an X are files dealing with the mysterious, strange and unexplained phenomena nobody wanted to investigate until Mulder discovered them 
10-13 Productions
This is the name of the X-Files production company, and also the standard U.S. police code for "Officer needs assistance" (and also the number assigned to the UN resolution, which requires any member country to exterminate any captured Alien)


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