Dramatis Personae

Agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny)

An FBI Special agent who was in charge of The X-Files.

Agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson)
The skeptic who became a believer.


Assistant-Director Walter Skinner (Mitch Pillegi)
Also a skeptic who became a believer, turning from a pain in the ass into a trusted ally and protector for Mulder and Scully. His fate is unclear.
Assistant-Director Kersh (James Pickens Jr.)

A most antipathetic character, who had it in for Mulder and Scully ever since he was promoted over Skinner. His part in the conspiracy is unclear, but he's no friend of the X-Files, even when he does do something that supposedly helps Mulder and Scully or Doggett and Reyes. His fate is unclear.

Agent Diana Fowley (Mimi Rogers)
Friend or Foe?  
 Agent Jeffrey Spender (Chris Owens)
The Son of CSM (or maybe not?), making it Mulder's half-brother (or maybe not?) He had a falling out with his "father" and sought revenge, to the point that he testified against him and in favor of Mulder at the show's finale. Not that it helped.


Shannon McMahon (Lucy Lawless)

In the first two episodes of the ninth season she portrayed an especially lethal water nymph, a very different role from hrt claim to fame in Xena Warrior Princess. Was she  killed or did she survive? Did she try to kill Scully or help her? Only the writers have the answers...

Speaking of Xena, did you know that Kevin Sorbo ("Hercules", "Andromeda") auditioned for the part of Agent Mulder and didn't make it??

 Agent Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish)
An old friend of Doggett 's ever since she took part in the investigation of his son's murder. Loyal to Doggett, Scully and Mulder, believes in the occult and is considered an expert in investigations involving the Occult..
 Agent John Doggett (Robert Patrick)
Was called to investigate  Mulder's disappearance and ended up replacing him un the X-Ffiles X. Doesn't get along with Scully who doesn't trust him, with Skinner who resents his promotion and with the Three Gunmen, who feel slighted by him his part (not to worry, everything blows over in time), but he is as straight as an arrow, tenacious as a bulldog, and carries the trauma of his son's death.

By the way, Robert Patrick was also seen in Terminator 2-Judgment Day..

 Deep Throat (Jerry Hardin)
Mulder's source ofonfidential information - which got him killed (or maybe not?). His real name is unknown, The origin of his nickname is obvious.
 Mr. X (Steven Williams)
Deep Throat's Replacement as a  source of confidential inform nation for Mulder and Scully. Nicknamed "Mr. X" because the letter X was used as a sign that Mulder wants to meet with him.
  Marita Covarrubias (Laurie Holden)
Her official cover was a senior post at the UN, she took part  in the first conspiracy, but helped Malder and Scully on several occasions. She also appeared in the first Feature X-Files Movie, disappeared for a while but returned (along with many others who were considered dead) for the for the show's double finale episode.
Melvin Froheke (Tom Braidwood)
One of the three Lone Gunmen", the conspiracy theoriests.

A  former 1960s radical and the oldest of the three. Though a skilled computer hacker, Froheke was primarily the photography specialist for the newsletter. Froheke had a lascivious attitude toward women. However, he had a more purely romantic attitude towards Dana Scully; when she was gravely ill, he appeared at the hospital in a tailored suit carrying a bouquet. His unique sense of fashion made him stand out: leather jackets, black vests, combat boots, fingerless gloves, etc. Froheke considered himself the "action man" of the trio and would often be seen doing very intense stunts (many rigged to look more impressive than they really were). Despite his childish scraps with Langly and others, Froheke's age and experience gave him a kind of quiet wisdom that occasionally surfaced when he consoled his friends about the sorry nature of their lives. In The Lone Gunmen episode "TANGO DE LOS PISTOLEROS", Froheke was revealed to be a former tango champion who danced under the stage name "El Lobo".

Before he took the part, Tom Braidwood was an assistant director for the show from the first season.

Richard "Ringo" Langley (Dean Haglund)   
 One of the three Lone Gunmen", the conspiracy theoriests.

The most confrontational and youngest of the three. He was a big fan of The Ramones, and enjoyed critiquing the scientific inaccuracies of the short-lived sci-fi series Earth 2, and he had a long-running competition with Froheke over who was a better computer hacker. He also had "a philosophical aversion to having his image bounced off a satellite". His nickname was "Ringo". Langly was a D& D player (as "Lord Manhammer") and enjoyed videogames like Quake. In the LGM episode "Octane", it is revealed that Langly is a "32 year old virgin".

John Fitzgerald Byers (Bruce Harwood)
 One of the three Lone Gunmen", the conspiracy theoriests.

Formerly a public relations worker for the FCC, a conservative dresser with a neatly trimmed beard, a stark contrast to his grungier comrades. He had at least some working knowledge of medicine, genetics and chemistry and is known for the famous line, "That's what we like about you, Mulder. Your ideas are even weirder than ours". He was born on November 22, 1963, the same day that President Kennedy died. His parents named him after the fallen president. His name would have been Bertram otherwise. Byers was the most "normal" of the three, and while Froheke and Langly were seemingly born angry misfits, Byers dreamed of a quiet, uneventful, suburban life. Byers' father was a high-ranking government official, but they never saw eye to eye and when Byers' father appears in The Lone Gunmen pilot, the two hadn't spoken for some time.

 Agent Krycek (Nicholas Lee)
One of the biggest villains of the show, second only to CSM.


 CSM - Cancer Man (William P. Davis)

The biggest villains of the show. The man we all loved to hate until his dying day (over and over again) but we could never figure out exactly what makes him tick (even after watching THE MUSINGS OF A CIGARETTE SMOKING MAN). We were led to believe that he was Mulder's real father, and Agent Spender's (this, incidentally, is considered to be his real name).


Assistant-Director Brad Follmer (Carrey Elwes)
An arrogant and obnoxious character who entered the scene in the ninth season, a former friend of agent Reyes's and a good friend of Assistant-Directo Kersh, Sometimes he helps Reyes and sometimes he uses her, hates Doggett (Doggett hates him right back), a rival of Skinner's, met with a bitter end.
The Ttoothpick Man (Alan Dale)
Another villain who joined the show at the beginning of the ninth season, involved in the super-soldiers conspiracy, but his part in it remains unclear. Meanwhile, he is the only one Kersh is afraid of.
The Alien Bounty Hunter (Brian Thompson)

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